This section highlights some integral parts of the platform and the solutions we provide for establishing the mobile network operator as a service enabler.

Service Solutions

The Context Data Cloud is a service enabler platform (run by a mobile network operator) that provides innovative solutions for context-aware services to third-parties. The Semantic Positioning service, for example, consists of a Semantic Tracking and Semantic Geocoding component and adds semantic features to classic positioning methods. The Location Analytics Framework, on the other hand, is capable of providing analytics information to context-aware service developers for specific mobile network regions. More...

Context Data Cloud for Android (CDCApp)

The Context Data Cloud for Android (CDCApp) is a location-based community app available at the Google Play Store that offers a set of semantic services to users. Users can check-in to certain points of interest in their vicinity providing information about their location preferences to other users within their social community and to the dataset of Linked Crowdsourced Data. More ...

LOD Cloud Analysis

Is the LOD Cloud with its huge amount of data applicable as a context provider for enriching context-aware services? One requirement for achieving this is the availability of context information (reachable via endpoints) within the LOD Cloud. A live availability check of SPARQL endpoints is provided here.