Linked Crowdsourced Data

Geospatial data that is published within the LOD Cloud (e.g., LinkedGeoData) mostly consists of static information, such as a name, geo coordinates, an address, or opening hours. Enriching this data with location-specific crowdsourced information (e.g., checkins, ratings, or comments) as well as the contextual situation in which users visited a place (e.g., time of the day, weather condition, dwell time, or holiday) and interlinking this information with other datasets will enable location analytics scenarios within the LOD Cloud.

Linked Crowdsourced Data is - as the name implies - a crowdsourced dataset for real user location preferences. People using the CDCApp contribute to this dataset by checking into different locations. This information is accompanied by contextual information, such as the weather condition during the check-in, the WiFi access points that were measured in this area or whether the check-in occured during a regional holiday.

This dataset is published as Linked Data in RDF format through our SPARQL endpoint. An aggregated and anonymized visualization of the data is provided on our Location Analytics Map.

Location Analytics Map

Linked Food

Please note that the Linked Food dataset has been migrated to the dataset of Linked Crowdsourced Data using the Additional Information facet of the Context Data Cloud Ontology.


At the moment, this dataset comprises data covering several countries all over the world. There are 26 active users who checked-in 1,924 times, posted 55 comments and gave 117 ratings in total. This dataset offers 500 points of interest from which 84 locations are restaurants. Currently, there are 50,638 triples publicly available.