Context Data Cloud for Android

Context Data Cloud for AndroidThe Context Data Cloud for Android (CDCApp) is a location-based community app offering a set of semantic services to users such as a Friend Tracker or a Popular Places Finder. Users can check-in to certain points of interest in their vicinity providing information about their favorite or frequently visited locations to other users within their social community. These services are based on the Context Data Cloud platform and exploit the rich set of data available within the LOD Cloud.

This app collects personal location preference data (e.g., favorite or frequently visited locations) in combination with the current contextual situation (e.g., the weather when checking in to a point of interest). A totally anonymized and aggregated version of this dataset is published in Linked Data format as Linked Crowdsourced Data and is interlinked to other datasets within the LOD Cloud.

By contributing with your data, you enable us to create this valuable dataset of real user location preferences to be used within our research at Technische Universität Berlin in the areas of Semantically enriched Context-aware Services and Location Analytics.

The app is available for download at the Google Play Store.

Privacy Policy

Please read the privacy policy carefully before using the app since we need your agreement for providing us your data. This policy is approved by the privacy manager of the Technische Universität Berlin. Thank you for supporting and contributing to this open data platform research initiative!